We’ve hired quite a few people in Seattle this year–four seems like quite a few to me now–and we’ve had to open an actual office. For some reason, small startups are all the rage lately, so it took quite a while to find anything of a reasonable size. Then there was another delay before we could take possession and do a little remodeling.

It has finally come together, though, and it’s quite a nice place to work. It actually tempts me to come into the office even if I’m going to be the only one there–and that’s not just because it has air conditioning, something old Seattle houses like mine don’t enjoy.

We’re open to visits from Seattle folks interested in coworking. If you’re interested in spending a day with us, let me know!

As you can see, we’re basically an IKEA showroom. Cheap desks with expensive chairs is my motto. By the way, I took these on a Sunday. Normally there are people in the chairs. :)