My five loyal readers already know this from my hiring plea at the top of the page, but in case you missed it, I’ve been working on starting a new company. Today we’re becoming a little less stealthy. My old friend and co-founder Jonathan Schwartz is announcing (via Twitter, of course) his participation. We’ve also put up a website: At this point we’re just saying the company is about “the intersection of innovation and public health”.

I’ve worked on several technologies whose goal was to improve the “health” of computers. As those systems were deployed around the world, I saw PCs everywhere became measurably more reliable and easier to use. I also saw how, once those systems became prevalent, the very process of creating and deploying software was changed for the better.

My goal, and hope, is that we can help to bring about a similar transformation in public health. I like to tell myself I helped to improve the mental health of millions of people by making Windows better, but I’d love to see a more direct effect on human happiness.

Needless to say, this is going to be a big job, and I need some help! I’m building our development and design team. We’ve posted a couple of job descriptions on the Picture of Health job page, and if this sounds interesting, please push the big Apply button. Actually, if you’re in the “smart and gets things done” category, please get in touch even if we haven’t figured out we need you yet.